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The Rolling Stones

On June 9, 2015 I saw the Rolling Stones show. They are the visual music. The visuals were just right for the Stones.

The screens were huge, three of them side by side. On them were mostly the bands faces. Great hi-def with sharpened edges. You could see every wrinkle in their faces. That was it. From the back Mick was 1/2 inch high but on the screen he was a giant and hi-def. Additionally there was a unique border around the 3 screens to hide the edges. It was esthetically pleasing and I enjoyed it.

The pictures are two different venues.

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The Catacombs - 14th and Peachtree Streets - 1968 The band members are unknown but we will find them soon.
The Electric Collage started here. Using bed sheets on the back wall we projected overheard and slide projectors and had a smoke machine and strob light.
The underground newspaper "The Great Speckled Bird" was down the street about 10 houses away. The head shop "Middle Earth" was at 8th and Peachtree in an old house surrounded by buildings.
The original size of the 'head' community was about 50 people converging for various reasons but of the same mind. The community grew fast and part of it was the hippies on 10th and Peachtree.

Discovery Inc emerged from the early days. They built up a portfolio of bands that played the 'new' music that was not on the radio. Underground music it was called. Ed Shane started an Underground FM station that played album sides on an evening show and rock the rest of the time. FM. Atlanta's pop station was 790 AM. FM was wonderful. Thank you Ed Shane for pioneering the 'new' rock music.

The Booger Band in the photo. In the center is Joel Bulware, one of the best B3 players around. His career continued through the years and one ascpect was a frequently called upon studio musician.